The Death of Boy Scouts

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Monday, May 14, 2018

In London on November of 1909, Chicago publisher W. D. Boyce had his first encounter with the English Scouting movement through an anonymous scout doing his daily good turn and guiding Boyce, the future father of American Scouting, to his destination. During his stay in London, Boyce met with The Lord Baden-Powell, chief scout and father of Scouting. Four months later, Boyce went on to establish the Boy Scouts of America based on the knowledge he gained from the experience. Two years later, after meeting with Baden-Powell, Juliette Gordon Low established the Girl Scouts of America. The goal of both organizations was simple: prepare boys and girls with the tools to succeed in life.

As two proud recipients of the highest awards in scouting, the Eagle and the Gold Award, the recent decision of the Boy Scouts of America to bow to the demands of the politically correct left and start accepting girls and change their name from Boy Scouts to Scouts BSA (which translates to the redundant Scouts Boy Scouts of America) is heartbreaking. Not only does it invade on one of the last havens that boys can be boys within, it flies in the face of the biggest sponsors of the Boy Scouts: churches who rely on the Boy Scouts to turn their young men into something more, a man capable of being a good, providing husband and worthy to walk upright before God and country. This move by the Boy Scouts of America propagates the lie that boys and girls are the same.

When the Boy Scouts changed their name and allowed girls to join, they officially took away the place where boys are influenced by men and encouraged to become men. This also marginalized the organization where girls are influenced by women, the Girl Scouts of America.

What is so wrong about giving separate genders a place to mature and learn without the other? As a society, we used to understand that girls need to spend some time with only girls and boys need to spend some time with only boys. Sadly, that time has passed as girls must be included in everything and every space that boys occupy must be open to girls.

As Matt Walsh notes, he hopes his kids learn that every door will not always be open to them. Life is not about doing everything you want and making it all about you, and you aren’t entitled to intrude into any space simply because you want to. It’s okay to be excluded sometimes— to allow other people to have a place where they belong and you do not.

If this was truly about the gender equality that advocates of the move espouse, they’d have put the same pressure on the Girl Scouts that they put on the Boy Scouts to become gender inclusive. Their lack of interests and enthusiasm to do so just goes to show this is just another concession in the war on boys and male spaces and nothing more.

If this wasn’t just simply a fight against the “Patriarchy,” they’d be advocating to introduce some of the same activities that the Boy Scouts have into the Girl Scouts, encouraging a merger of Girl and Boy Scouts, or even promoting the co-ed Venture Scouting program for middle teenagers— not calling for the whole system to change and then proceed to tear it down brick by brick.

Both of us have worked hard growing up in scouting and have achieved the highest rank/award possible. We are both equal in that regard and it’s okay for us to be unequal in other aspects.

The leftward trend of Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts in recent years has ostracized the religious communities that made them successes in the first place. Every year now, it seems, they stray further from God, Country, Family, which are the founding values of scouting, and replace them with the next “woke” trend to satisfy the cultural status quo. This is not what Baden-Powell, Boyce or Low imagined and they’d hold their heads in shame at the current state of their once glorious organizations.

This exact issue is why two lifelong scouts are reticent to put our future kids in either organization. If they continue to stray further and further from the initial values of scouting, so will their participation and alumni.

Jay Coleman is from Memphis, TN and is currently studying Legal Studies with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. When not talking politics, he often talks about music or sports.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Jay Coleman is from Memphis, TN and is currently studying Legal Studies with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. When not talking politics, he often talks about music or sports.

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